Earth Elephant March

This is a plan for a huge installation of elephants made of earth to tour the countries where ivory is still traded, sometimes in the face of laws against it. In China for example a ban will be coming into effect soon which will make it illegal to trade in ivory, but as evidenced by the effectiveness of the part-ban in the UK, this alone will not stop the trade while there is still demand for the product.  In order to stop the trade people need to stop wanting ivory.

How do we achieve that? Well click the link below, or here, for a plan of action which could reach hundreds of thousands of young people at grass roots level, creating an awareness of the horror behind the ivory chopsticks, bangles and carvings.  The shift in consciousness will come because as many as 100,000 young people would be directly involved in the creation of the earth elephant sculptures for the installation, and many thousands more will see the installation as it travels around the Far East, and eventually the world. Public opinion can change very rapidly when an idea reaches critical mass and the many thousands of young people involved in this project will help to make that happen.

Read the full proposal here:  we-are-people-proposal-elephantman