Hello! You have reached the site of Elephantman, the street artist who fixes down elephants in opportune locations. Any vacant plinth or pillar can become host to a concrete elephant or two, or even three.

In this site you’ll find pictures of elephants on street locations, in London mostly, but other places too, such as Paris, Brighton, Bristol in the gallery page.

The motivation for what I am doing  and the wider ‘We Are People’ project, you’ll find by going to the ‘about’ page, or just click here. In short though, it’s all about the love.

Love is a well ordered consciousness, the better heart and mind are aligned the more love a person has to give for themselves and others. It is simply coherent energy. Every moment we can choose: does this improve my life and the lives of others or does this hurt me or others?

I believe that humanity will have an Empathy Revolution, where we will see that the other beings and systems that make up this biosphere and beyond, are sentient feeling, conscious entities, and to harm them is to harm ourselves, as we too are simply part of a complex tangled web.